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Author(s): Anatolii Dibrova, Larysa Dibrova, Maksyma Dibrova

Title: Priority directions of development of export agrofood productions of Ukraine

Source: International Scientific Days 2016. The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society

Document Type: Scientific paper

ISBN: 978-80-552-1503-7


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

PY, pages: 2016, 39-46

Published on-line: 2016-06-24

Language: eng

Abstract: In the article were determined main trends of development of agro-food export of Ukraine. On the base of the complex analysis of the commodity structure agro-production was discovered its disadvantages and was offered the paths of solutions. As a result of the given research of geographical structure of export agro-food production of Ukraine was found essential changes on the different segments of world market for some groups of commodity in the volume and dynamics. It was grounded the paths of development foreign trade of agro-food production and food in the context of functioning Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and European Union. It was offered the priority directions of development of domestic export agro-food productions in the current conditions.

Keywords: foreign trade, agro-food production, export, import, globalization

JEL Classification: F16, F18, Q17, Q11

Rights: Open Access :: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence
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