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Author(s): Milan Džupina, Zuzana Džupinová

Title: Peculiarities of corporate social responsibilityin veterinary pharmacy

Source: International Scientific Days 2016. The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society

Document Type: Scientific paper

ISBN: 978-80-552-1503-7


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

PY, pages: 2016, 256-264

Published on-line: 2016-06-24

Language: eng

Abstract: The article is based on the fact that there are specific segments in the economy, which are called sensitive sectors. They are very closely watched by several interest groups. It is significant that these sectors are perceived as irresponsible in their nature. Despite the fact that these negative connotations can be perceived as legitimate, several steps can be taken as far as the business communication is concerned which are a very effective active tool for planning and managing corporate identity. The present study is part of a larger research that we want to implement in the production of veterinary drugs, and thus the pharmaceutical industry. A pharmaceutical industry is a typical representative of a sensitive sector. Although there is a big scientific research potential, a very little attention is paid to this area in the scientific literature. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important phenomenon that affects current business models. Based on existing research, we can identify a wide range of practical steps and forms that CSR can take. It is also an important element of the sustainability of firms in terms of a further growth of companies. The main goal of the paper is to develop a design of the research, which will be subsequently implemented in practice. A crucial step in a proper implementation of CSR policies is to ensure a strategic match between a core business and implemented programs of responsibility. If there is a very weak or missing connection, it subsequently leads to fragmentation of the image, which can be clearly considered a waste of corporate resources. Otherwise, it is assumed that through CSR we can develop and strengthen a corporate identity and thus create positive associations. We will analyze (qualitative content analysis) collected data (basic corporate documents on the corporate websites like mission, vision and corporate values). These documents have a great affinity to the corporate strategies, which often reflect key aspects of responsibility and thus transforms them to the implemented business strategies, tactics and programs

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, CSR, sensitive sectors, business ethics, veterinary drugs, content analysis

JEL Classification: M14, M31, Q13

Rights: Open Access :: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence
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