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Author(s): Tereza Slováčková, Martin Souček

Title: The influence of product placement in Czech movies and TV shows among generation Y

Source: International Scientific Days 2016. The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society

Document Type: Scientific paper

ISBN: 978-80-552-1503-7


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

PY, pages: 2016, 874-884

Published on-line: 2016-06-24

Language: eng

Abstract: This paper is focused on how product placement is perceived by generation Y. The data were collected through eye tracking using the SMI RED 250 device. In-depth interviews were used to acquire a more detailed understanding of the opinion of the respondents. The research was conducted during December 2014 and January 2015 in the Eye Tracking Laboratory at Mendel University. 35 respondents representing generation Y were involved in this research. The main objective was to determine their attention to product placement, brand recall and their attitudes to product placement. Several parts of movies and TV shows were shown to the participants and their attention was measured through the eye tracker. Although the viewers looked at the products, they often were not able to recall them afterwards. The brand recall was higher when they were familiar with the brand. The results show that the audience is more strongly affected by prominent product placement than by subtle placement. The audience is able to remember an audio-visual product placement better than an audio or visual placement. Men are more sensitive to product placement related to male product categories (cars, alcohol and sexual health products). Women on the other hand are more sensitive to product placement related to fashion products.

Keywords: product placement, consumer behaviour, consumer perception, brand recall, eye tracking, generation Y

JEL Classification: M31

Rights: Open Access :: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence
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