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Author(s): Miroslava Trembošová, Alena Dubcová, Ľudmila Nagyová

Title: Consumer Shopping Behavior in the Town of Žilina

Source: International Scientific Days 2018 :: Towards Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Global Agriculture and Food Systems :: Proceedings

ISBN: 978-80-7598-180-6


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer ČR, Prague

PY, pages: 2018, 493-509

Published on-line: 2018-11-09

Language: eng

Abstract: Consumer shopping behavior is an important sociological phenomenon seen as a manifestation of consumerism lifestyle. Its character is largely influenced by the society in which consumer uses goods and services. The tendencies of consumer behavior are influenced by the availability of goods, sales culture, offer of sales concepts, real household income, lifestyle, and marketing activities of sellers. It affects not only the economy, but also it has significant social and cultural impacts. In specific cases, it also has an important spatial function in terms of catchment areas for the selected shopping centers. At present, buying decision-making behavior of the population is inclined towards a modern type. It is characterized by impulse purchases and consumer is influenced e.g. by advertising, offers of discounted products, numerous purchases in a single day, has high demands on quality of goods and shopping comfort, optimizes the ratio between price and value of goods, prefers large-scale retail stores and regularly uses car for shopping. Customer of the Žilina city behaves with experience, and demands the price corresponding to the product quality. Residents of Žilina have close to the so-called "western" modern shopping model, where shopping presents almost the same alternative for shopping as well as spending leisure time in the SC.

Keywords: Consumer buying behavior, Motivation for shopping

JEL Classification: D1, D12, R 19

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