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Author(s): Michaela Šugrová, Ľudmila Nagyová, Filip Tkáč, Erik Janšto

Title: Factors Influencing Slovak Consumer´s Actual Buying Behavior towards Fresh Vegetable

Source: International Scientific Days 2018 :: Towards Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Global Agriculture and Food Systems :: Proceedings

ISBN: 978-80-7598-180-6


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer ČR, Prague

PY, pages: 2018, 706-718

Published on-line: 2018-11-09

Language: eng

Abstract: The main objective of the submitted paper was to identify factors influencing the behaviour of Slovak consumers on the market with fresh vegetable. Primary data were obtained through a questionnaire survey, which was carried out on a randomly selected sample of 390 respondents in Slovakia. The questionnaire survey was conducted online in November and December 2017. The obtained data were analysed by using Excel program as well as the statistical programming language - R. For a deeper analysis of the collected data, we formulated several scientific assumptions. We verified their accuracy with the Chi-Square Test of Independence, Cramer´s V Coefficient, Fisher´s Test and Kruskal-Wallis Test. Based on our research we the conclusion is that consumers while buying fresh vegetable are most influenced by the freshness of vegetable, taste, maturity, quality as well as the general appearance of vegetable. Moreover, we found out that there existsdependence between attributes, which are the most important to respond to the purchase of vegetable (price, colour, taste, shape, size, smell, maturity, general appearance) and what is most attracted to the vegetable counter. Based on our research, we also proved dependence between the purchase of vegetable and respondent´s place of residence as well as dependence between consumers´ attitude towards organic products and preferences of origin. Finally, following the significance of selected factors, we examined the dependence of their perceptions on the socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents.

Keywords: Consumers, Consumer Behavior, Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, Fresh Vegetable, Slovak Republic

JEL Classification: M31

Rights:Open Access :: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Licence
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