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Author(s): Łukasz Paluch, Andrzej Krasnodębski, Marcin Niemiec

Title: Perspectives for Development of the Market for Fertilizers Derived from By-Products of Coal Burning as an Element of Sustainable Waste Management

Source: International Scientific Days 2018 :: Towards Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Global Agriculture and Food Systems :: Proceedings

ISBN: 978-80-7598-180-6


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer ČR, Prague

PY, pages: 2018, 1101-1115

Published on-line: 2018-11-09

Language: eng

Abstract: The paper aimed at an identification and estimation of development of the market for sulphur-calcium fertilizers derived from by-products of hard coal combustion in thermal power and power plants in Poland. Obtained data and quantitative and qualitative information were processed using the methodology usually applied in the subject literature to conduct the research and analyses of this type, and the results were presented as estimations and forecasts. Assessment of the sales market potential for sulphur-calcium fertilizers was made on the basis of crop requirements for sulphur and calcium and their cultivation area. The analysis made use of standard balance methodologies and laboratory tests, which allowed to estimate the requirements for sulphur and calcium in plants constituting the greatest share in the cropping area of individual farms, which according to the classification of the Central Statistical Office are situated in six regions of Poland, including the provinces in their areas. Basing on the estimation of sales potential for sulphur-calcium fertilizers made on the basis of the crop requirement for sulphur and calcium and their cultivation area in Poland, it may be assumed that the prospect for market development is highly favourable. It may be forecasted, that in future an upward demand trend will be observed on sulphur-calcium fertilizer market in Poland, particularly on the level of commercial agriculture, because the increasingly more apparent negligence concerning progressive soil acidification will cause a necessity for application of a considerably greater amount of calcium fertilizers for recultivation of arable lands on farms. An additional advantage of these fertilizer products is the fact that as a source of assimilable sulphur they provide a considerably cheaper alternative for multi component mineral fertilizers, whose necessary application in intensive agricultural production involves high outlays. This property is particularly important also in the situation of increasingly higher sulphur deficiency in arable soils and yearly growing popularity of sulphur-loving plants, economically important in Poland. Marketing of a sulphur-calcium fertilizer, containing greater amounts of sulphur (considering pure component) and some amount of microelements at more competitive market prices, may prove a good alternative for agricultural producers. The more so, as it is a by-product of some other production process, which is important from the cost intensity point of view of its manufacturing and advantageous considering the realization of aims and assumptions of sustainable development.

Keywords: sulphur-calcium fertilizer, sustainable development, FGD gypsum, fluidized bed combustion ashes, Poland

JEL Classification: E23, O44, P28, Q13, Q15, Q56

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