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Title: Cultural Ecosystem Services and Water Quality Improvement provided by Forest Landscapes in New Zealand. Scientific Report

Editors: Attila Tóth, Richard T. Yao

Document Type: Kniha/Book

ISBN (print): 978-0-473-48088-2

ISBN (online): 978-0-473-48089-9


Publisher: Scion, New Zealand & Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

PY, pages: 2019, 23.

Published on-line: 2019-05-13

Language: eng

Abstract: The One Billion Trees Programme aims at delivering improved social, environmental and economic outcomes for New Zealand and playing a significant role in moving towards a low emissions economy. The programme has eight main objectives: to improve land productivity; to tackle environmental issues like erosion; to reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing CO2, to improve water quality; to provide important habitats for a range of native species; to enhance natural landscapes; to provide another source of income from timber, honey and carbon credits; and to support wellbeing and create jobs and careers for New Zealanders. In this study, we have focused on ecosystem services provided by forest landscapes and their perception, understanding and valuation by different stakeholder groups – public administration (public sector at district level), forest management companies (private sector, local level) and forest users represented mainly by recreationists (user perspective, local level). We focused mainly on cultural ecosystem services from users´ perspective and on water quality improvement by forests as a major environmental goal of forest management companies, PES schemes and public authorities. We envision this Scientific Report to contribute to achieving the COST Action PESFOR-W’s objective of increasing the awareness on the importance of trees and forests for water quality enhancement.

Keywords: Ecosystem services, trees, forests, water quality, forest management, projects, New Zealand, scientific reports

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