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Editor: Ján Brindza

Managing Editor: Olga Grygorieva

Associate Editors: Svitlana Klymenko, Olena Vergun, Vladimíra Horčinová Sedláčková

Title: Book of Abstracts of the 4th International Scientific Conference Agrobiodiversity for Improve the Nutrition, Health and Quality of Human and Bees Life September 11–13, 2019 Nitra, Slovakia

Document Type: Book of Abstracts

eISBN: 978-80-552-2070-3

pISBN: 978‐80‐552‐2037‐6


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

PY: 2019

Published on-line: 2019-10-18

Language: rus, eng

Abstract: Editorial: The theme of International Conferences focused on the conservation and usage of agrobiodiversity to improve nutrition, health and quality of life is the foundation of the present civilization. Therefore, the issue brings together not only all-conference participants but also other botanists, researchers, breeders, seedsmen, growers, processors and other professions they recognize, using not only traditional plant species but also forgotten, less-used and less-known species for food security, food safety and resolving the other needs of civilization. This is evidenced by the very extensive focus of the presented knowledge and results achieved in the solution of research and development projects of research and academic institutions processed in the form of abstracts in the submitted publication of this year's international conferences. Researchers' efforts to conduct experiments aimed at preserving, identifying, evaluating, expanding and exploiting the unique phenomenon of biodiversity and the still undervalued use of agri-biodiversity are also evidence that, despite the lack of fund, technical equipment, and national governments understanding, researchers present extensive original knowledge and results.

Keywords: biodiversity, agrobiodiversity, human nutrition, quality of life, honeybees, conferences

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