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Názov/Title: Environmental management system (theory and practical examples)

Autor/Author: Lenka Lackóová

Typ dokumentu/Document Type: Vysokoškolské skriptá/Textbook

ISBN: 978-80-552-2225-7

Vydavateľ/Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Publikované online/Published on-line: 2020

Jazyk/Language: eng

Abstrakt/Abstract: This publication aims to explain the theory behind Environmental Management system as well as step-by-step procedures, and practical examples for better understanding the development and implementation of EMS and EMAS in the organisation structure. The purpose of this textbook is to spread knowledge of environmental management and ecolabelling topic to the international students on MSc level who need to or want to acquire knowledge connected with environmental management.

Kľúčové slová/Keywords: C (EMS), ecolabelling, textbook

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