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Názov/Title: Бджоли: біоіндикатори довкілля / Bees: bioindicators of the environment

Typ dokumentu/Document Type: Monografia / Monograph

Autor/Author: Iryna Kovalchuk

ISBN: 978-80-552-2273-8


Vydavateľ/Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Rok, strany/PY, pages: 2020, 105 p.

Publikované online/Published on-line: 2020-12-31

Jazyk/Language: ukr

Abstrakt/Abstract It is well-known that melliferous bees are the most sensitive indicators of ecologic conditions of natural environment. Researches in recent years show that bees and bee products can accumulate selectively some heavy metals, radioactive substances, pesticides and other polluters. Scales of heavy metals accumulation on the territory of Ukraine, as toxins of technologic origin unfortunately increase. Environmental pollution by heavy metals leads to their accumulation in plant and animal raw materials and production, consequently their quality decreases. It was proved that apiary accommodation in heavy metal polluted territories leads to their accumulation in pollen, honey bee-comb and wax. But the questions concerning study of peculiarities of sources, ways of pollution and heavy metals content in bee products are not enough lightened, and that was the purpose of our work. Generalized we present in literature information and results of our researches about the use of bees and bee products in quality of bioindicator contamination of environment by heavy metals. Dependence of content of heavy metals is set in the organism of bees in relation intensity of greening to contamination of environment. It is marked on the necessity of lead through of systems research in relation to determination of content of heavy metals in fabrics of bees and bee products with the purpose of search of new methodological approaches for authentication these toxicant of objective environment of contamination and him apimonitoring. Methodological elements of the researches of regularities of heavy metals and lipids content in the tissues of different anatomic sections of the organism and bee products were elaborated.

Kľúčové slová/Keywords: bees, bioindicators, environment, pollution


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