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Title: Book of Abstracts of the 5th International Scientific Conference Agrobiodiversity for Improving the Nutrition, Health, Quality of Life and Spiritual Human Development

Editors: Ján Brindza, Olga Grygorieva

Document Type: Zborník abstraktov/Book of abstracts

ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-80-552-2401-5


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

PY, pages: 2021, 161

Published on-line: 2021-11-08

Language: eng

Abstract: International conference aims to create more space and conditions for a broader discussion and search for all available solutions for the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity within the possibilities that research teams in individual countries and workplaces have. Research teams usually focus only on solving a specific biological problem of a plant species. That's right. But it would be appropriate for research teams to go beyond the research barriers and connect research results to practical applications, conditions and current societal challenges not only to improve nutrition, health and quality of life, but also to areas related to spiritual human development, and of humankind.Therefore, the conference organizers included in the program lectures focused on ethics in biological research, the use of plant species and nature for human healing, the use of agroforestry systems for food production with the current solution of adverse climate change, practical use of plants for new therapy and rehabilitation of humans and other specific and unusual areas.

Keywords: agrobiodiversity, international conferences, book of abstracts

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