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Author(s): Krisztián Ritter, Ágnes Virág

Title: The economic role and opportunities of Hungaricums (national values) like endogenous resources in local development

Source: International Scientific Days 2016. The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society

Document Type: Scientific paper

ISBN: 978-80-552-1503-7


Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

PY, pages: 2016, 537-547

Published on-line: 2016-06-24

Language: eng

Abstract: On the one hand Hungaricums like specific national values play an important role in the Hungarian national identity; on the other hand they are considerable economic factors too. The majority of Hungarian specialties like local resources are linked to rural areas. In the rural policy of the European Union and Hungary it is a special priority to support the development based on endogenous, local resources. In our opinion, adequate economic utilization of the Hungaricums products and values can provide many opportunities for development of rural areas. After grouping the Hungarian national values our study is linked to two Hungarian products, Gönc “pálinka” (apricot brandy) and Tokaj wine. We explore how the various economic participants value the impacts of national and rural economic importance of Gönc „pálinka” and Tokaj wine like hungaricum products. Our research extends that the stakeholders what kind of opportunities can pair to special products which symbolized Hungarians.

Keywords: agriculture, tourism, local development, rural development, rural economy, national values

JEL Classification: O13, J43, Q19

Rights: Open Access :: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence
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