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Author(s): Anatolii Dibrova, Larysa Dibrova, Maksym Dibrova

Title: Competitiveness of Ukrainian Grains and Oilseeds in Terms of Diversification of Export

Source: International Scientific Days 2018 :: Towards Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Global Agriculture and Food Systems :: Proceedings

ISBN: 978-80-7598-180-6


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer ČR, Prague

PY, pages: 2018, 38-50

Published on-line: 2018-11-09

Language: eng

Abstract: In recent years, Ukraine has continuously increased production volumes and has become a leader in exports of grains and sunflower oil. However, to form a balanced agrarian policy, it is important to ensure the competitiveness of products in the internal and external segments of the agro-food market. The article generalizes the nature and importance of competitiveness for the sustainable economic development of the country. The commodity and geographic structure of export of agro-food products of Ukraine was analyzed and main tendencies of its development were analyzed. The competitiveness of agro-food products was calculated according to Balass method, where the indices RXA-indices of relative export competitiveness and RCA-index of the revealed comparative advantage were determined. Based on the research conducted in the article, the relevant conclusions are drawn.

Keywords: competitiveness, grains and oilseeds, agricultural policy, domestic support

JEL Classification: F16, F18, Q17, Q11

Rights:Open Access :: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Licence
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