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Názov/Title: Патология пчёл / Pathology of bees

Typ dokumentu/Document Type: Monografia / Monograph

Autori/Authors: Maksim Chemik, Mykola Voinalovych, Olena Sirenko, Kateryna Pylypko

ISBN: 978-80-552-2277-6


Vydavateľ/Publisher: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Rok, strany/PY, pages: 2020, 118 p.

Publikované online/Published on-line: 2020-12-31

Jazyk/Language: rus

Abstrakt/Abstract High annual losses of honey bee (Apis mellifera Linnaeus, 1758) colonies are considered to be a global threat to the natural ecosystems and agricultural economy due to the vital role of these insects in the environment by pollinating bothwild flowers and many crops as they forage for nectar and pollen, in addition to producing honey and beeswax. New anxieties regarding the honey bee health declining that was caused by simultaneous exposure to a combination of numerous interacting factors including poor nutrition, the increased pressure from parasites, bacterial and viral loads, synergistic pesticide interactions have arisen vworldwide. Despite a long history of research the honey bee pathology remains insutlidently studied. Here, vve provide a detailed description of the major honey bee diseases as well as the basic and practical technology applicable to beekeepers to diagnose abnormalities and to identify pathogens of the honey bee, and control them. This subject has become too extensive and diverse to be summarized readily, this publication appeals only part of this issue. But our study should be a significant contribution to the goal of achieving a better understanding of disease pathogenesis in honey bees, accompanied by the development of effective prevention, control,and management methods aimed at increasing the productivity and well-being of the bee population.

Kľúčové slová/Keywords: honey bees, pathology, disease pathogenesis


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